Dear Friends,

GONSALVES LIQUORS LTD. welcomes you to our website.

The fact that we have been around since 1970, tells you that we have been facing up to the challenges of ever changing market demands and trends. Our website speaks to our continuing disposition to adjust and to recognize new ways of doing business.

Those of you who have been long and valued customers and who visit this site, be assured of our thanks for your patronage and our readiness to continue to serve you.

To those of you who are learning about us for the first time, through your visit to our site, we welcome you and say: "Give us a call. Put us to the test!"

So, browse our site, see for yourself the extent to which we will go to offer a range of spirits, wines and liquors that is equal to any such service, anywhere.

Happy browsing and may the "spirits" be generous in the pleasure they bring to you.

Managing Director

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